Tuesday, November 23, 2010

About Lupus Nephritis - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com

About Lupus Nephritis - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com

Friday, September 3, 2010

Discount Benefits for Examiner.com Writers

During the past week, I am pleased to say that I was accepted to be Chico Contemporary Art Examiner at


I am excited to find that Examiner.com offers its writers several benefits including discounts on health insurance plans and Dell computers. I will be in the market for a laptop soon and if there is anything this girl appreciates, it's a DISCOUNT! These are added benefits that I was not expecting. Other discounts include travel, dining, shopping, car rentals and other services. They are currently negotiating communications discounts as well.

Examiner.com accepts writers in many fields to cover events in their individual areas. If you write for Associated Content, or are an experienced blogger, I invite anyone who enjoys writing, especially on specialized topics to take a look. They may well have an open category for you. I know some of my friends who come to this blog do one or both. If you do decide to apply as an examiner, please mention 66954 as your referrer. This is another benefit: if you refer an examiner who is accepted and posts their first article successfully, you will receive $50.00. They are seeking quality writers, but I myself have only published online. So please, online writer friends, do not be intimidated.

Examiner.com as of today is in a state of flux, as they are upgrading to a whole new look. My page has not "migrated" yet, and my title is a totally new one. So it may be another day or so before you see my page. It will be located here:


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Secondhand Books and Book Closeouts

I have been a bookworm since first learning to read, so I can't resist going not only to secondhand book stores, but to the bookshelves in thrift stores or at yard sales. I almost never leave without a book or two. Anybody else do the same thing?

In Paradise, we have some good secondhand book stores: 

Books of Paradise
6177 Skyway

Nancy's Books
6848 Skyway

Paradise Found
6044 Skyway

(You may have noticed "all roads lead to Skyway" in Paradise!) My friends and I visit these stores frequently, they're all great to trade books in, sell or just plain purchase, purchase, purchase! 

Now I'm excited to have found Closeout Books online, a closeout sale bookstore with extreme bargains. I'm proud to represent their store and you can find them by scrolling down and clicking the banner.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Feather River Hospice Thrift Shop, Paradise California

If you come to my sweet little town of Paradise, as a thrift shopper, you're going to want to visit the Hospice Thrift Shop, located at 6848 Skyway bldg P. It's staffed by volunteers, and the place is huge, containing everything from paperback books and music of all kinds, to clothing of all sizes and gently used furniture.

I love the Hospice Thrift Shop primarily for its sale prices on tested appliance. Every appliance is tested and labeled with the date tested and initials of the individual who tested it. It's where I got my last coffeepot for two bucks. I've had the thing for four years and still going strong.

The clothing at the Hospice Thrift Shop is outstanding. A friend got a sturdy lined wool winter coat there several years ago for six dollars and she'll probably have it for decades.

The furniture selection is usually good, and when I move again to my own place it may be my first stop in refurnishing.

All donations to the Hospice Thrift Shop benefit the Paradise Hospice and are kindly received.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Funny Thing About Paradise

It's a funny thing about my little town of Paradise, California. You can shop at the "Big K" but you can't shop many other places, not unless you want expensive. However, you can shop at thrift stores, which is probably how I grew to love them so much.

Here in Paradise, we not only have the Dollar Tree, where I once found a Hallmark jigsaw puzzle for one dollar, minus no pieces and in a beautiful tin! Needless to say, you have to hit the Dollar Tree frequently to score such valuable items. But it's often where I get my deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo and other personal items. Every year for my birthday I get a beautiful basket from my daughter where she scores every item from the Dollar Tree (she shared this with me after much prodding) and I just adore it! The basket contains all my face care and bath stuff for the year and it is just too cool for school!

In Paradise we also have the Hospice thrift shop, the PAWS thrift shop, the Goodwill, the Salvation Army, a veteran's group thrift store and others I can't recall the purpose behind. I go to all of them plus the antique places where you can score special items for collectors you may know. I'll cover those in my next entry. Viva Paradise!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Discount Shopping and Other People's Stuff

It's true -- I'm a Dollar Store/Thrift store junkie. I love it when somebody gives me gift cards to "real" stores at Christmas or birthdays. It's a real treat! But in my everyday life, I am usually shopping megacheap. I really don't mind wearing someone else's stuff, as long as it fits. Thrift shopping has also allowed me to get working coffee pots and appliances I might not have the money for at the moment, but can't do without.

I live with my elderly parents and am disabled, but while "having" to be thrifty, there are times when I have more to spend but spend that money on gifts for others. Although I've picked up some gems for other people for nonholidays, on actual occasions I'm not such a skinflint, lol. Just seems nicer somehow.

I work at home on the internet, writing articles and social networking, among other efforts. This seems to be the wave of the future, either working at home freelance or telecommuting for your company. Freelancing works out pretty well for me since my parents and I need each other and physically I need a less tight schedule.

This first entry is just by way of introduction -- boring I know! I hope to be sharing and trading lots of information daily at this my blog.