Friday, September 3, 2010

Discount Benefits for Writers

During the past week, I am pleased to say that I was accepted to be Chico Contemporary Art Examiner at

I am excited to find that offers its writers several benefits including discounts on health insurance plans and Dell computers. I will be in the market for a laptop soon and if there is anything this girl appreciates, it's a DISCOUNT! These are added benefits that I was not expecting. Other discounts include travel, dining, shopping, car rentals and other services. They are currently negotiating communications discounts as well. accepts writers in many fields to cover events in their individual areas. If you write for Associated Content, or are an experienced blogger, I invite anyone who enjoys writing, especially on specialized topics to take a look. They may well have an open category for you. I know some of my friends who come to this blog do one or both. If you do decide to apply as an examiner, please mention 66954 as your referrer. This is another benefit: if you refer an examiner who is accepted and posts their first article successfully, you will receive $50.00. They are seeking quality writers, but I myself have only published online. So please, online writer friends, do not be intimidated. as of today is in a state of flux, as they are upgrading to a whole new look. My page has not "migrated" yet, and my title is a totally new one. So it may be another day or so before you see my page. It will be located here:

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