Thursday, August 12, 2010

Discount Shopping and Other People's Stuff

It's true -- I'm a Dollar Store/Thrift store junkie. I love it when somebody gives me gift cards to "real" stores at Christmas or birthdays. It's a real treat! But in my everyday life, I am usually shopping megacheap. I really don't mind wearing someone else's stuff, as long as it fits. Thrift shopping has also allowed me to get working coffee pots and appliances I might not have the money for at the moment, but can't do without.

I live with my elderly parents and am disabled, but while "having" to be thrifty, there are times when I have more to spend but spend that money on gifts for others. Although I've picked up some gems for other people for nonholidays, on actual occasions I'm not such a skinflint, lol. Just seems nicer somehow.

I work at home on the internet, writing articles and social networking, among other efforts. This seems to be the wave of the future, either working at home freelance or telecommuting for your company. Freelancing works out pretty well for me since my parents and I need each other and physically I need a less tight schedule.

This first entry is just by way of introduction -- boring I know! I hope to be sharing and trading lots of information daily at this my blog.

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